Bertram Yachts

Integrated digital campaign


  • Extend Bertram’s brand message by supplementing a traditional ad campaign with a digital one to increase the likelihood of messages further resonating with the target audiences.
  • Help a traditional, older brand reach younger, millennial audiences through targeted digital channels.
  • Generate leads in the sales funnel – engage boat captains/prospects to investigate new model launches via the website, showrooms, boat shows.


  • Selected social channels that best permeated and influenced “dock talk”, engaging the #1 most powerful influencers in the yachting world: boat captains (who are increasingly a millennial age-group).
  • Digital campaigns allowed Bertram to connect with a wider segment of their demographics.


RESULTS – Key Performance Metrics:
Complimentary communications across platforms allowed a momentum to grow and helped the campaign gain a wider audience through social media and sharing.

  • Identified which key digital channels converted – Social and banner ads channels had the best driving performance and business impact.
  • Continuously measuring content performance was a key part of this campaign, it allowed us to either realign or continue to produce ads/social content that resonated target audiences.
  • Banners in this segment normally get fewer than 50 click-throughs a month. After social engagement and the new branding, each new model launch yielded almost four (4) that number, a 286% increase.
  • An extremely engaged community was around Bertram – Facebook (951% growth); Twitter (2191% growth); Pinterest (2740%); all of which far surpassed the social activity of their competitors.