Bertram Yachts

Rebranding Social Media Channels Taking it to the Next Level

Bertram Yacht had recently been acquired by The Ferretti Group, which retained Black Label for a Creative Rebrand. Part of this exercise was a Social Media campaign that would launch alongside Bertram’s new marketing campaign (new logo, ad campaigns and website). Social media creative was executed by Black Label according to new corporate brand book guidelines.


  • Help a traditional, older brand reach new, younger audiences through social media rebranding
  • Build a stronger connection with existing and former customers
  • Engage brand advocates, fans and social influencers
  • Drive boat show/event attendance in target markets


  • Black Label began with extensive market research to be able to develop a comprehensive strategic plan and direction for Bertram’s social media accounts.
  • Established a social “voice” and unified “on-brand” messaging for multiple social platforms, creating an integrated marketing campaign.
  • Created original, captivating content with high-share value, that was less promotional, more personal, aimed at target demographics.
  • New, dynamic brand messages and images that spoke to the camaraderie and devotion brand advocates. Content delivered across multiple social platforms for an integrated marketing campaign.
  • Identified and engaged with relevant influencers on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to obtain social endorsements for more brand reach.
  • Built buzz with relevant demographics by hosting monthly contests and giveaways to incentivize fans to “like,” follow, and/or share information about the brand for a chance to win coveted memorabilia and upscale gifts.
  • Identified and participated in relevant industry initiatives, trending hashtag campaigns, and chats to position Bertram as an active leader within the yacht industry and boost engagement rates.
  • Used SEO as an organic, inbound social marketing strategy. This relied on high quality, optimized content; encouraging external inbound links and social sharing.
  • Provided timely customer support by responding to inquiries and referring to Bertram’s customer service department.
  • Life-tweeted/posted from global boat shows; exclusive events; new yacht models coming off the manufacturing line to help boost Bertram’s marketing initiatives.
  • Introduced, tested and measured new strategies on a regular basis to continuously improve campaign performance.



  • Built an extremely engaged community around Bertram of Facebook (951% growth) on Twitter (2191% growth), Pinterest (2740%) – far surpassing the social activity of their competitors.
  • Boosted re-brand awareness with prime target demographics.
  • Improved customer service provided over social networks. Satisfaction was at an all time high from creating a sense of open discussion, sharing, and corporate transparency.
  • SEO tactics improved the brand’s social media reach across all channels, which in turn increased the brand’s search rankings.
  • Successfully positioned the company as the go-to expert within the yacht industry for media interviews and state of the art yacht design. Bertram/Ferretti Media Relations department experienced unprecedented activity.
  • Successfully energized the online community by incentivizing brand advocates/fanatics and digital influencers
  • Several posts from Bertram’s social media channels went viral (e.g. “Bertram in a Tsunami”), a social marketers dream.